About Us

Today’s vehicles are computerized and involve complex systems, more sophisticated than they’ve ever been. Unless you know your car’s systems, even a simple tune-up can be a real challenge.

At Auto Diagnostic and Repair, we believe in honesty, integrity and getting it right the first time!

Brian BellanteEver since Brian was a baby, he has been taking things apart to see how they work. Today, Brian’s natural instinct, years of automotive experience and thousands of training hours have helped make him a leading expert in the field of Automotive Repair. His goal: restore honesty and integrity to the Automotive Repair industry.

An ASE Master Technician, Brian has advanced certifications in undercar and engine performance, and has spent over twenty years as an automotive technician. He’s been an owner for 10 years, and just loves repairing cars and getting people back on the road.

Brian is a sports enthusiast, and claims wakeboarding, jiu-jitsu and football as his personal favorites, but his passion is his family: he’s Married to his lovely wife, Melissa, and has four beautiful children: Brennen, Emily, Tony and Colette.

John PhotoA seven-year veteran of the automotive industry, John is an ASE Certified Technician, and stays current with the latest technologies by regularly attending classes on the latest automotive advancements. Football, wakeboarding and snowboarding are his favorite hobbies. He is married to his lovely wife, Elizabeth and has a beautiful daughter named Savannah.