5 Powerful Ways to Save Money on Gas!

High GasWith gas prices rising with almost no end in sight, the smartest thing you can do is reduce and manage the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. Here a few tips that’ll allow you to get more distance out of your fuel and save a few dollars along the way:

1. Drive Light
The heavier your vehicle is, the more demands it’ll make on your fuel. So a great way to drive light is to empty the trunk of all unnecessary items. Take specific action to reduce drag by keeping the windows up when driving on the freeway, and most of all keep your car free of any debris or dirt by washing it regularly.

2. Tires
Keep your tires at the recommended pressure. You can usually find this information in your vehicle’s manual. Always have a tire pressure gage handy so you can check and make sure that you have the right amount of pressure in the tires. This habit will greatly reduce the amount of fuel wasted by driving on tires with low pressure.

3. Drive Smart
Completely discard all aggressive driving measures (doughnuts, racing, peel-outs etc.) This will extend the life of your car, reduce gas consumption and possibly keep you alive. Avoid driving at irregular speeds. To achieve this maintain at least a 2 car distance between you and the car in front of you. This will help prevent your from having to brake suddenly or accelerate unnecessarily. Also group your errands in fewer trips. Accomplish as much as you can while you are out and about. The idea here is to just have a good strategy to reduce how much gas you use when you drive your car.

4. Car Maintenance.
This should go without saying. Just like some people have a doctor they trust, you should have a reputable mechanic you trust with the maintenance of your vehicle. Get to know them as close as you can as they can be a powerful resource for keeping your car running and reducing vehicle expenses. Oil changes, filters and engine tune-ups greatly contribute to fuel efficiency in your vehicle.

5. Get Gas at a Cheaper Price with Technology
These days, there are all kinds of websites and apps that are very helpful in showing the gas prices of different gas stations in your area. Before you leave the house check your smartphone or go online and research which stations have the lowest gas prices. This will be a good way to stretch your money a little further!

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